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Hamara Music Promotes New and Upcoming Artistes and Band’s in India who are in search of a suitable platform to showcase their talent.

We help artiste achieve and reach their goals and make them Brands in the world of Music through Digital as well as Physical release. In other words, we strive to attain due recognition for every Genre of Music so that true Talent is brought to the limelight. We also encourage Artistes who produce original Compositions and whose philosophy is akin to ours.

Hamara Music provides News, Reviews, Photographs and Videos of Events/ Singers/ Musicians from all over the world. Every Artiste who is part of Hamara Music sells his/ her Music through our online stores and fans from all over the world access their information online.

The likes of Pop, Classical, Folk, Devotional Music and many other forms of Music which are integral to the rich Culture of India are also going through a challenging phase. Hamara Music’s endeavor is not only to revive the graceful forms of Music but also give a platform to the existing and new Talent in the arena of Indian Music. 

We work closely with all Digital Music Sites like iTunes UK, iTunes US, Amazon.com, Play.com, Ticket master, E-bay, Universal, and many more. All these tie ups help us provide a comprehensive service to all our Artistes and this will grow as the company grows to scale new heights.

Today most Artistes are trying to harness the Internet to make people listen to their Music. We help such Musicians to record and produce Professional quality Music which will be heard by more people than ever before. This is a great step into the future of Music and we are the leaders in this field, we enable Artistes to harness these trends and create Music in new and different ways.

We at Hamara Music explore the creative possibilities of making Music with people from across borders and from the remotest places of the world. In times to come we will be prestigious Social Network Company for Musicians, Singers and Artistes for online Music Production and Collaboration. In other words we are working towards fostering a Community that gives a Platform and Space for new Opportunities for Singers and Musicians from all levels to Connect and Creatively work together regardless of Location, Genre, etc. This will be promoted through our website -



Hamara music also invokes sharing Personal Likes, Ideas and Love for all Genres of Music be it Pop, Disco, Sufi, Rap, Blues, Instrumental, Ghazals, Country, Classical, Folk, Qawaali, Devotional , etc .

As we grow we shall evolve continually and offer more opportunities to young budding Talents in the field of Music and contribute to the joy that Music brings to fans across the world.

Our life is Music and Business, hence the Mission for Hamara Music is to find a way for Independent artists to Venture, gain Knowledge on the Industry, understand how the Industry works and become responsible in their attempt to move their Music. We can show you how to Chart and move your Music into the future.

Hamara Music with a great team to support you on the Digital front has a Rostrum of activities Below 1 Roof to support you to make YOU a Brand:

Internet Marketing: Hamara Music has an In-house marketing team with focus on Internet marketing to promote you and your music through various tools.

Video Creation: Videos are the apt way to promote any Singer /Artiste /Band. We help in making such video’s in-house and also sourcing best Directors in case it needs to be shot at a large scale. Hamara Music has an in-house set up to create Promotional Videos which are graphically designed using live footage and  stills by a team of Professionals.

Public Relations: Hamara Music PR is handled exclusively by Parul Chawla of Picture N Kraft who is a very well known personality in the industry today.

Studio Tie Ups: Hamara Music has a Team of Professional’s, we have a blanket arrangement with Studio’s who work on the latest Technology & Software’s.

Events: Hamara Music events are spearheaded by Geeta Khatri of GS Corporate Events who is also one of the Promoters of Hamara Music.

Lyrics Aggregator: Hamara Music is the destination for Music Directors to find an assortment of Lyrics from creative genius minds who have the capabilities and creativity to make magic. We at Hamara Music help such Artiste to reach out to Music Directors and bring to the Industry some great Composers who will in the future change the face of Indian Music.

Artiste Profiles: Hamara Music is a place to find an Artiste for all reasons and at all times. We merge all Artistes Below 1 Roof so that their Works and Talent can be showcased and used by the Bollywood Industry.


Hamara Music team is known for venturing in uncharted waters and always willing to explore. We Distribute your Music to all the Major Stores World Wide and help you become a Brand. Hamara Music is the Ultimate Solution for New Artiste, Creative Minds, Independent Music Lovers and Bands.

We have acknowledged the need to be a LEADER and to embrace emerging technology.



RAVI BHATNAGAR - PROMOTERIn a career spanning 27 years, his experience ranges across the entire spectrum of Managing Media and Entertainment Business in India. This covers Print, Electronic Media like Radio, Music, Television and Entertainment Retailing. His core competency has been Selling, Marketing, Operations and complete set up from ground up.

Ravi has led multiple start-up ventures at the Times of India group as a CEO and projects include Planet M, Times Television ,Sony Television, Times Music, Times FM, Mirchi FM, Ananda/Zoom, Television and, Filmfare and Femina on Televison. He has been instrumental in creating five new verticals for IOL Netcom apart from IPTV.

Times Music is an assignment Ravi is very proud of as it was completely his baby and has grown to be a very strong global brand. While at Times Music he not only launched the label but also responsible for its incredible success and taking it to great heights. He was involved right from conceptualization of Times Music to developing infrastructure and executing entry strategy, leading the company to becoming a profit-making stand-alone entity to where it is today.

In spite of so many players in the market Raviji’s insight and understanding of Music helped Times Music carve out a niche for themselves by exclusively promoting various genres of music such as Sufi Music, Indian Classical, Western Classical, World Music, Spiritual, Punjabi Pop, Remixes, etc and they were soon well known good music.  He was responsible for creating a repertoire of close to 1400 titles approximately.



Jitesh is a Producer, a Musician and a Singer himself. He heads the North India operations and is based in Delhi. He has over 20 years experience in International trade and in setting up a highly successful export company.

His passion for Music is addictive. “Hamara Music” is less of a Business venture and more of a labour of love for him. He is very excited about being a part of a company which will help to search and promote musicians from all across India.








A seasoned Retail/Service Industry Professional with comprehensive experience of over 22 years in.

Managing Operations, Training, Customer Service, Audits and Standard Operating Procedures. Geeta started her career as an Interior Designer at the Times Of India Group and moved on the Music Industry with Planet M , She worked with the Planet M department for over 7 years and was instrumental in setting up over 75 Outlets all across the country and made changes to the way Music was sold and appreciated. She managed several events for the Planet M stores right from launch events to artiste management and special shows by artiste like Amitabh Bachan, Shah Rukh Khan, Parmeshwar Godrej, Gulzar Ji, Pankaj Udhas, etc.

Geeta also worked for over 5 yrs in the capacity of a General Manager at the Future Group (Pantaloon Retail India Ltd) in various roles as an Operations Head General Manager - Training & Consultancy, Chief Manager New Store Ventures & General Manager Human Resources.

Geeta today heads an Event company called G S Corporate Events, is into Real Estate business and is one of the Promoters of Hamara Music.



As Director, Picture ‘N’ Kraft, Parul Chawla, a renowned Communications and Events Professional, has had a decade-old dynamic stint with the world of Media, Entertainment, Fashion and Events.

This luminary‘s illustrious body of work represents a perfect blend of corporate excellence and individual brilliance. Leveraging her creativity and business acumen, she has done exemplary work for a host of Indian and international clients catering to diverse requirements such as advertising, public relations, brand/ celebrity management, sponsorship, marketing, media and communication strategy and event management amongst others As an accomplished solution provider, she has worked with all the leading corporate entities in India belonging to a wide host of domains.
Parul Chawla has been actively involved in planning and executing PR and marketing strategies for over 100 films and music albums. She has been actively managing image building and brand building exercise for lot of film stars, TV actors, pop singers, music companies, political campaigns, product launches, events management, artiste promotion and corporate, strategic launch of singers and actors. She has been associated with family film production business under the banner of M/s Parul Films International, Produced by D.K Chawla; i.e., “Sahibaan” starring Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Rishi Kapoor Directed by Ramesh talwar and music by Shiv-Hari and “Apna Desh Paraye Log”. She is actively involved in content syndication and production of film based programmes for the overseas market including marketing of films.
With an eye on new vistas of opportunities, Parul has always given a special focus on emerging companies. As a master strategist and consultant, Parul has remained a friend, philosopher and guide to several top management head honchos and is often seen rubbing shoulders with the rich and the famous at high profile events, films promotion ,artiste management, singers ,product launches and at elite venues. With her 360-degree perspective, Parul brings an astute understanding and matches it with her out of the box thinking for clients and customers.


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